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Mill Spring, NC

Brittany, an Asheville and Charlotte area newborn photographer, specializes in color and black and white photography of newborns and babies. Brittany is available for on location and studio sessions in the Asheville and Charlotte area. She is also available for travel sessions in all major cities throughout the United Sates. Brittany has traveled all over the US and world to photograph many newborns over the past 10 years. She has photographed babies in New York, Albany, Raleigh, Knoxville, Atlanta, Tampa, Jacksonville, St. Petersburg, Indianapolis, Baltimore, Butte, Denver, Seattle, San Diego, Los Angeles, Malibu, Ann Arbor, Maui and Honolulu. She has also photographed newborns in Sydney and Melbourne Australia. As well as babies in Niagara, Canada and Cambridge, UK.   



During the two day class students will learn everything from advanced, yet easy to understand, technique of proper lighting to the processes of safely posing newborns. Students will have the opportunity to learn over two days in a small group environment. The workshop will work through every step of artistic creation. The foundations of newborn photography will be covered heavily. It is Britt's belief that if a photographer is proficient inall technical aspects of newborn photography- he or she will have infinite ability to grow artistically.

TUITION | The cost of the two day workshop is $650.00 USD. Tuition is non-refundable. There is a limited seating of 8 students per workshop session.

DATES | JUNE 24-25th | Asheville, NC

ITINERARY | The two-day class begins with a meet and greet at 9:00 with official instruction beginning at 9:30 with the day's instruction ending at 5:00. Class will resume on the second day 9:30 and will end at 5:00. Each day will begin with a detailed lecture in the morning, followed by practical posing and photographing. Students will be encouraged to participate by taking their own pictures of the babies in each set up. Britt will assist students in every step of the process- from getting the correct settings to perfecting each photographers angle and composition. Each day will conclude with editing. To avoid missing any important information at the end of class, students are encouraged to book their returning flights no earlier than 9 pm on the second day. We will take advantage of every moment of class time. The workshop will go non-stop with very little down-time. Lunch, beverages, and snacks will be served to students both days.


The FOUNDATION of Newborn Photography Explained
    ⁃    Lighting is arguably the most important component to newborn photography. Britt will explain why lighting is so important and will demonstrate how to find the perfect light in any situation. Both studio lighting as well as natural lighting will be covered in depth over both days.
    ⁃    Composition can make or break an image. Britt will be there every step of the way to guide each student with hands on instruction.
    ⁃    Photographers from all skill levels will benefit from the foundation instruction of the Collective workshop. However, beginner students are encouraged to have a basic working understanding of shooting in manual mode to achieve maximum understanding of the foundation instruction.
    ⁃    Each photographer’s camera will be looked at to insure the camera is set to it’s best custom settings.

Preparing for Your Session
    ⁃    Britt will explain the process of setting up for the session prior to the baby’s arrival.
    ⁃    Create a studio environment that will make your clients, and more importantly their baby, relaxed and happy.

Posing and Photographing the Newborn
    ⁃    A step-by-step breakdown of a typical session will be shown, including how to settle babies (and keep them settled), and techniques for transitioning them between poses without disturbing them.
    ⁃    Britt will demonstrate wrapping techniques.
    ⁃    Learn how to achieve many angles out of each setup.
    ⁃    See how to photograph awake babies, ensuring you still get beautiful images (this is an essential time management skill).
    ⁃    Britt will explore how to create images which engage the viewer and show a real connection with the baby.
    ⁃    Creating the must-have images – tips and tricks on photographing parents and baby, siblings and baby. How to capture emotional connections. Also included is instruction on how to shoot macro images.

After the session
    ⁃    Brittany will instruct using her unique editing techniques with Photoshop, including color and b&w conversions as well as simplifying your workflow.