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Mill Spring, NC

Brittany, an Asheville and Charlotte area newborn photographer, specializes in color and black and white photography of newborns and babies. Brittany is available for on location and studio sessions in the Asheville and Charlotte area. She is also available for travel sessions in all major cities throughout the United Sates. Brittany has traveled all over the US and world to photograph many newborns over the past 10 years. She has photographed babies in New York, Albany, Raleigh, Knoxville, Atlanta, Tampa, Jacksonville, St. Petersburg, Indianapolis, Baltimore, Butte, Denver, Seattle, San Diego, Los Angeles, Malibu, Ann Arbor, Maui and Honolulu. She has also photographed newborns in Sydney and Melbourne Australia. As well as babies in Niagara, Canada and Cambridge, UK.   


Britt Woodall is a newborn baby photographer servicing the Asheville, Greenville, Spartanburg, Charlotte and surrounding areas. Brittany specializes in color photography of newborn babies in Greenville. For information on booking a newborn session in Asheville with Brittany, please contact Britt at

STUDIO REMODEL // Asheville Newborn Baby Photographer

Brittany Woodall


Ahhh.... Peaceful, right? That isn't exactly the look we started out with, though! When we first moved in, this lovely little room above the garage was painted the most atrocious shade of purple known to man!! I've been meaning to post pictures of the studio for a while now, but that meant I would need to go through about 14K pictures (literally!!!! I take lots of iPhone pictures!) to find all the remodel pictures I had taken. I wish I had taken more, of course, but hopefully the ones I have will give you a good idea of where we started and how we ended up with the studio! We aren't completely done yet, though... We are in the process of finishing the closet and will hopefully be finishing the bathroom soon as well! Lots to do! My wonderful husband did most of the work and I'm so grateful for all his help. He was a woodworker in his past life, which comes in handy probably more than he would like! ;) 

See what I'm taking about here? Purple. Lots of terrible, awful, purple! You can't tell by the pictures, but the room is actually quite large. The window... not so much. I was hoping that I could live with it's size, but in the end-- it just wasn't going to work. You'll see later what we did about that!

This is probably the point where my Husband was probably wondering what he'd gotten himself into... I asked him to cover up electric outlets!!! I couldn't have those messing with the background of my pictures. All photographers know that photoshopping outlets out of backgrounds is not fun. There was definitely some initial skepticism on his part, but in the end... he gave in! 

This was the moment that I had been waiting for... the purple quickly began to disappear! You know the color you were working with was bad when simple primer is a welcomed change. 

As you have probably already noticed... the pups were there almost every step of the way to offer their help... HAHA! We call this one... synchronized napping! 

Whew! What a difference! No more purple and no more yucky carpet! I went with a cream color for the walls. The paint is Diamond Mine by Olympic paints from Lowes. I decided to paint the ceiling as well, just to keep everything uniform. The color was the perfect pick. It's very neutral, but has a subtle hint of warmth! This was the point where I really started worrying about the size of the window. Or rather, lack of size...

This is when things REALLY started getting exciting! Finally my little studio was starting to come together! The wood floors are Mullican's Handscraped Saddle- Hickory from Lowes. 

Yeah... that part about the window being too small?? In hindsight, I would have rather put the window in BEFORE we did all the priming and painting, because we had to do quite a bit of sheetrock repair after the window was replaced with a larger one. We as in my husband... Haha! 

AHHHHH....... Check out all that glorious light!

It's in!!! I don't have an actual picture of them putting the window in, because honestly.... I seriously couldn't watch!!! LOL. It freaked me out to say the least. Our wonderful new neighbors came over and helped my hubby put it in. I was hiding around the corner ready to call 911 in case something happened while they hoisted this giant window to the second story. They did it and no one was hurt in the process, thank God!


A night time view, so you can't really appreciate the amount of light that comes through, but you can get a good look at how it looks in the room!

Here we finally are at the home stretch! Of course we had to take a trip to IKEA!!! One of my favorite places! I could have spent all day there, but we were on a tight time schedule, so I had a list and I had to make it quick! We ultimately decided to go with the IKEA trundle bed instead of a couch for functionality reasons. We also picked up one of the cube storage units for all my material and wraps. 

Finally! My little studio came together. I'm so happy with how it turned out. I'm not the greatest at iPhone panoramas in rooms apparently, but you get the idea! It has come such a long way since the dreaded days of purple! I will updated you all when we finish up the prop storage area as well as the bathroom! A big thanks to my wonderful Hubby Steven for all the hard work he put into making my little space so special! 

Britt Woodall is a Asheville, Greenville, and Charlotte area newborn photographer. She specializes in color and black and white photography of newborns and babies. For more information on how to book a session with Britt please fill out the contact section! We look forward to hearing from you!